Refrigerated Shipping Company

DCS TRAMACO is an international shipping company located in Ravenna, where it started its activity in 1992 and is today the logistic partner of some of the most important producers and exporters of fruit and vegetables in the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, as well as of some of the major Italian and European importers.

Traffic volumes have constantly increased, also thanks to the collaboration with local correspondents and the availability of our own refrigerated warehouses in the port of Ravenna, which have allowed us to offer the unloading, storage and distribution of products on the Italian and European market.

In order to be able to expand the offer to customers, Tramaco opened its own branch in Koper in Slovenia in 2014, Tramaco Koper D.O.O. , which also specializes in shipments of perishable products in export, import and transit for all European destinations, which guarantees 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

In January 2017 Tramaco, in a perspective of development and strategic reinforcement of its business volume, joined the Del Corona & Scardigli group of Livorno.

Tramaco now has the role of the Group’s “Reefer and Perishable Division”, and has changed its name to “DCS TRAMACO Srl” while remaining an independent company.

The approved business plan is focused on the future integration and synergy between the two companies and aims to increase the volume of traffic and the development of new markets.

Our branches


Avenida del Puerto, 322, 3º - 46024 Valencia Spain


Scali D’Azeglio 32, 57123 Livorno - Italy


Vojkovo Nabrezje 30/A, SI-6000 Koper - Slovenjia

DCS Tramaco